The Month That Makes The Year

Written & illustrated by Inda Ahmad Zahri
Published by Allen & Unwin

Exploring Ramadan through the eyes of a Muslim child, this graceful and authentic story illuminates the sense of belonging to both the community and the universe that this month of fasting, prayer and reflection brings, as well as the sense of accomplishment that springs from sacrifice.

This month is different from the others.
It starts with the sighting of a new crescent moon.
‘Slow down, be kind to yourself and think good thoughts.’
This month, we learn to do big things by changing one little thing at a time…

It’s the first time for Deenie, the youngest member of a Muslim family, to fast during Ramadan. She comes across some challenges, but by the end of the month, she learns that there is a lot more to Ramadan than giving up food and water.

A warm and joyful story offering children the chance to see themselves or their friends in the celebration of the spiritual practice of Ramadan.


The Month That Makes The Year will be published 28 February 2023. Pre-order your copies in time for Ramadan here and enjoy a sneak peek of selected internal pages.

Night Lights Book Cover

Twice the Love

Written by Inda Ahmad Zahri
Illustrated by Nabila Adani
Published by Affirm Press

Hello you and hello … you.
Tell me, is it really true?
Double checking just in case,
twice the babies in one place?
Here is a joyful and heartwarming celebration of all the things that happen in twos: twice the cuddles, twice the kisses, twice the milestones, twice the love. From Inda Ahmad Zahri and Nabila Adani comes the perfect gift for every family with twins.


Purchase your copy here or download teacher’s notes for kindy, prep and lower primary classes.

Night Lights Book Cover

The Legend of The Golden Swan

Written by Rosemary Coburn
Illustrated by Inda Ahmad Zahri
Published by Morris Publishing Australia

Gretta, the golden swan, was excited to see her beloved royal family arrive for a visit to their country estate. The royal twins and their mother were just as excited to be visiting Gretta for the summer holidays.

But they didn’t know the trouble the twins would find themselves in.

Lost in the forest, the twins waited to be rescued, but didn’t expect it to be Gretta who found them.

Is she clever enough to help the search party find them?

​And will she achieve her fondest wish?

An enchant, old-world chapter book to delight young readers. Perfect for newly-independent readers.

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Night Lights Book Cover

Night Lights

Shortlisted for the international Rubery Book Award 2022

Written by Inda Ahmad Zahri
Illustrated by Lesley McGee
Published by Little Pink Dog Books

Deep in a tropical village, we find treasures that shine brightly, even in the night.

Set in Malaysia, one of Australia’s vibrant neighbours, Night Lights is a celebration of nature, wonder and memories.

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Fun activities can be found here, beautifully prepared by illustrator Lesley McGee.

Night Lights Book Cover


CBCA Notable Book for Picture Book of the Year 2022

Written by Inda Ahmad Zahri
Illustrated by Anne Ryan
Published by Ford St Publishing

Like a turtle, Salih carries his home on his back. He must cross a raging sea in search of a safe home. Salih paints his happiest memories and sends them as messages in bottles.Will someone find them and understand? Will Salih find a new home?

My author’s notes can be found here along with teaching notes with curriculum links and class activities.

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Salih – CBCA Notable Book for Picture Book of The Year 2022

Melur – winner, ASA Mentorship Award Program 2021

Colours of my Kampung – finalist, We Need Diverse Books mentorship award 2019

Tanuki and the Moon Bears – highly commended, ASA Mentorship award 2019

A Fox’s Wedding – short-listed, Scribbles Creative Award Storyboard Category 2018

Braving the Shadows – 2nd Place, Greenleaf Blossom Chapter Book Competition 2018

Night Lights – long listed Greenleaf Buds Picture Book Competition 2017