Thank you for visiting my portfolio where you’ll find a mix of children’s illustrations, editorial illustration and modern watercolours.

Picnic illustration
Illustration of rabbit and fox in a forest
Illustration of portable radio with five hands in front
Illustration of girl with long hair attached to social media and digital icons
Illustration of girl cutting away the social media and digital icons
Illustration of girl with shorter hair and flowers and plants representing growth and creativity
Illustration of dragon, bear and girl having a tea party
Watercolour illustration of young girl reading
Fancy dress illustration
Flop illustration
Illustration of young girl floating a paper boat
Portugal 2
Portugal 3
Squid sealion illustration
Pumpkin illustration
Illstration of fox and raccoon picking apples
Illustration of duck wearing an ornate crown
Illustration of fox in blue surrounds
Illustration of a fox with its paw on a log
Illustration of a fox curled up at the bottom of a tree
Illustration of colourful fish
Illustration of clown fish in reeds
Watercolour illustration of bird
Watercolour illustration of girl in kimono carrying a parasol
Illustration of woman dancing flamenco wearing a red dress
Tarian illustration
Illustration of couple dancing the tango