About Inda

Inda Ahmad Zabri

Books have gotten me into a number of sticky situations…

As a little girl, I read in the dark when I should’ve been asleep. Cocooned under the covers, I turned into an official bookworm, complete with clunky glasses.

Books spurred me on to faraway places. From my birth place in Malaysia, I roamed far and wide. I tickled nudibranchs underwater and was chased by a triggerfish. I swam under roaring cataracts and climbed clouded mountains. I tiptoed through shadowy grottoes and visited sighing mosques.

Other kinds of books led me to the work that I do today. I went to university in England and graduated as a doctor in medicine and surgery. When I moved to Australia, I met a guy who took me to the beach on sunny days and to old, glorious bookshops when it rained.

Now, we share our favourite books with a little person with a hunger for stories that keeps me writing, drawing, painting and dreaming up impossible tales.

I hope that my books can take you to places that make your heart sing, and land you in your own sticky situations. And if they do, I’d love to hear from you. After all, we bookworms need to stick together!

I am proud to be a part of the children’s literature community as a member of the Australian Society of Authors, Book Links and several online communities.

I dissect my favourite books with the Last Tuesday Book Club and attends monthly creative meetings with fellow Brisbane Write-Links members.

Because good books deserve a lot of love, I regularly share reviews on Story Links, Totally Lit Podcast and my own social media streams.

Scribbles Creative Writing Awards Shortlisted
Writelinks Creating Kids' & YA Books
Queensland Writers Centre
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Children's Book Academy Graduate Logo
Storystorm Jan 2018 Winner